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Making a Brighter Future in Upson County

A Bit About Us

Georgia Family Connection is a statewide initiative that cultivates public and private collaboration at the local level. Located in all 159 counties, Georgia Family Connection is the largest statewide network of its kind in the nation.

Collaborative organizations are committed to our mission of improving conditions for at-risk children, families, and communities. They work closely with communities to:

  • foster relationships with local partners,

  • increase policymakers’ awareness of local issues,

  • implement proven programs and practices, and

  • leverage additional funding to support community plans.


Each collaborative organization brings together—at the same table—community sectors such as the social worker, the nurse, the sheriff, the teacher, the minister, the business person, the public servant, and parents, then let them figure out the best way to help their kids thrive. We discuss our visions for our communities, assess the needs in our counties, then decide how our organizations can best work together to meet those needs.

Together we set an agenda that establishes our priorities and allocates resources to achieve results for families and children. We measure results for our work by tracking locally selected indicators of child well-being using Georgia KIDS COUNT data. KIDS COUNT is a state and national effort funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation to track the status of children.

We believe that local decision-making—grounded in reliable data and best practices—will drive the change we want to see in our communities.

We want our kids to be healthy, ready to start school and do well when they get there, we want our families to be stable and self-sufficient, and we want them to live in strong communities. 

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